A Day in The Life of Looms 2011

Mine, around 12PM, 1/1/2011, (11PM 31/12/2010 GMT) Nelson, New Zealand, 41°18 0"S/173°13'10"E.

Rigid Heddle: often on my mind but seldom in action 

8-shaft sample loom on permanent loan: all in good time.

12-shaft Klik: I thought having a semi-permanent sample warp is a waste of a good loom, but it works to work out ideas and learn structures, because this is a particularly easy loom to thread.

Usually the star, a retrofit 16-shaft computer-controlled Thorp, playing the "back seat" for now.

4-shaft Naggi jack and the cashmere factory.

Rose, Blenheim, New Zealand.

On the countermarch loom, the last of a linen/cotton teatowel warp. Warp is blue and white with navy stripes outlined with supplementary coloured warps.

On the jack loom a soft cream cotton warp at 16 epi and handspun silk weft which has been sitting around for years.

The sample loom is empty but here it is with two books of crepe weave samples made on it during 2010.

And here are some more looms:



Marion B



Susan B







To our patient looms and faithful tools, our own infinite wisdom and boundless patience,
and nice even tension with every warp in 2011!

Thank you, weavers.


Anonymous said...

I love the aerial shot of the Klik - very classy. I've just posted mine here.

Life Looms Large said...

Love you tradition of new year's loom photos! Thank you for continuing it!

My looms

Happy New Year!!


Marion B. said...

This is realy a nice new tradition!
I made some pictures too. Maybe next year more Dutch weaver know about this.
Thank you for this fun idea.

Gjeani said...

Great Idea, I just posted my looms on my blog

I only have 2 looms so not as much as you have, but it is a nice idea to start making a picture every newyearsday

Esmae said...

Thankyou Meg, lovely idea.
Happy 2011.

Susan B. said...

So nice! I have posted mine at my blog.
Happy New Year, Meg!

Meg said...

As my sister said, "HNY2U2", everybody, and thank you for taking part in this.

shipbuilding said...

Meg, this is a gorgeous idea! What a great record these photo's will become over the years and I've discovered some new weaving blogs. Happy New Year!

Meg said...

Shipbuilding, I bet you didn't know that you were part of the loop, too, this year? :-)

Jolanda said...

What a great idea I just posted some pictures of my looms on my blog http://jokadootje.webs.com/apps/blog/.
To all off you a happy weaving year

Meg said...

Goodness me, I went to see what was on my looms last year, and I see that the same sampling cotton was on my Louet! This is... a tad... embarrassing.... to say the least....

Trapunto said...

Happy New Year, dear Meg!

I've done one too.

Carol said...

Meg, I'm just overwhelmed by all the looms and all the magnificent work on them. I looked at them all, the looms so beautiful with or without yarn on them, and the actual works of art that are appearing there! I think you've started a lovely tradition, Meg, and I'll be looking out for it next year.

Meg said...

Carol, weaving and spinning tools, and I also thing lace-making tools, are very beautiful objects on their own. I think part of it has to do with the fact they haven't changed all that much over the centuries, especially compared to other tools in life, so humankind had quite a bit of time to fine-tune and make them beautiful.

And the work in progress are all different, and that's part of the fun for me.

Next year? Well, I'll have to write it down somewhere since I had forgotten about it last week, too. It was originally meant to be just a one time thing!

Restless Knitter said...

I'm glad you did this again this year. Most of the blogs I already read but it's nice to find new ones. (I didn't show mine this year because they're both naked.)

Meg said...

You should have, Restless. Because last year, I did this because I wanted to see looms more than projects on them. Whilst I like looking at projects, too, naturally, I do like a nice big shot of the whole loom... Maybe next New Year's Day, yes??

Geodyne said...

I love the shot of the 8-shaft sample.

I'd have joined in, but my loom is still sailing the oceans, having spent the 1st of January in port in Singapore on a tropical holiday, as near as I can tell!

Meg said...

Geo, you mean, you didn't carry it with you as extra baggage? :-) All in good time, yes? At least you know it was in Singapore.