Trying to Observe

January 11; I'm trying to make this not about me but about the lettuce patch and the lettuces.

There is so much clover here this year, they are hard to eradicate and I'll have to think of something drastic when the lettuce season ends. We haven't had the horrible winds and the evening temperatures have been saner, so the leaves are doing better; the ground hasn't been dusty dry for a while but I am also watering more conscientiously.

The lettuces seem to grow upright and nicer from the point of view of harvesting when planted closer together than when planted spread apart.  Having said that, the ones you see upright have been harvested (chopped at around an inch off the ground) a few times, and I wonder if this helps.This made me consider Japanese commuter trains; urban Japanese don't necessarily have better postures, so we must require more sun!  :-)

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