A TinyTiny Collage Project

Here's a very light-hearted challenge, spurred on by Linda's comment.  (Thank you, Linda, I needed the "tinytiny" suggestion.)

Do a collage, small or large; one, a few, or many.  Take out your L-shapes, view finder, or use your hands, (do the "looser" sign with both your hands,) and look for areas of weaving interest. (I'll leave it up to you to define "weaving".)  Mark your favorites and show us, and tell us why you like them.

It'd be nice to see the whole collage/s as well as the details, I think, but I'll leave it up to you.  As usual, send me the link if you are posting yourself, or send me JPGs by the end of Sunday, February 13th, your time, so we can make the Big Reveal on February 14th, St Valentine's Day! (But that doesn't have to be the theme.)


linda said...

yay - i'll participate!

i know what i mean by "collage" and am quite willing to go with it, but are you using the word in a specific way?

Meg said...

No, it's up to everybody to decide, Linda. To me, it probably only means cut/paste/make-sure-it's-dry. {-> (I'm rolling my eyes.)