January 10.  The purple lettuces I moved are doing well; the crisp green ones, yet unknown. I have to use some of the basils because the rapid growth of the row on this side is depriving the sun from the shorter row behind.  This morning I deadheaded marigolds, and my hand smells lovely.

I love lettuces of any and all variety.  In addition, I love endives but have never been successful in growing them and I don't see them in stores too often. I love bok choi and have had successes, though sometimes they grew so big I wasn't sure if I wanted to eat them.  I love rocket; sometimes I have nothing but rocket growing, but I always call this my lettuce patch.  I like spinach but they tend to bolt quickly, and the first tine I grew New Zealand spinach, I was flabbergasted because they have thicker, very hairy leaves; I was tempted to pull them out and throw them in the compost bin, but tried cooking with them once and found they tasted the same, but with a tad more volume.

I love cabbages, too, but have not tried to grow them.

Today, I must (will?) work on my tax returns. 

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