Saturday, January 15, 2011

Weekend, and Life Returning to Normal

January 15. Noon. Sunny.

I canceled tonight's Textile Lunch do. None of the original group could come, and in all I would have had three out of 12 invited attend, which would have been great because these are active and knowledgeable women, but then one got sick and after speaking to Pat, I decided to cancel.

I felt a little unpopular all week, but I heard enthusiastic apologies from unexpected quarters, from people I know less well, looking forward to the next do.  Today I don't feel like organizing another, but there is definitely a new group of textile friends emerging, be they in an organized, regular study group, or more loosely in the periphery.  And these women are helping me move on to the next thing.  

Realistically, though, I am still a bit tired from Thursday night, and a teenage party on our street last night, (VERY loud, started a little after lunch, but this house unfailingly begins to wind down every party around 10.30 and by 11 they're contained; good on them!) so I don't mind an afternoon and evening of retreating into my head.

The living room has looked strange with all of my work bits moved out; time to bring the stuff back.

* * * * *

Shipbuilding is taking part in the Queensland (Australia) Flood Relief Appeal Auction and has offered a lovely handmade broach.  Anyone in need of a splendid gift for yourself or a loved on?


  1. Hello Meg, thank-you so much for the link and your happy thoughts. I hope the rest of your weekend is restful : )

  2. That was a lame comment I left on your post, ShipBuilding, but I so want someone deserving to have your piece. Fingers and toes crossed!!


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