Ahhhh, That Eternal Question of Men vs Wimin

I've been working on a heavy duty issue of mine, writing, rewriting, and wondering whether it's appropriate to post or not. Anyway, I needed some light relief, and Nancy and Taueret found Paster Mark Gungor of Wisconsin. If we ever make it to Minnesota, we'll jump the border to check him out, that's for sure. (Sorry if this is old news for you, but we've been watching these over and over and over and laughing our heads off.)

I now understand Ben much better and I'm relieved I've a license to ask him to do something over and over and over again.


Anonymous said...

I loves me my nuthin box I'm tellin' ya.

Meg said...

Absolutely, me, too. The trick is to get Ben out of it once in a while... (He does have an old couch in his box, I tellya...)