Long Term Goals

Speaking to younger friends, by email and chatting, I realized it's been a long time since I had long-term goals, realistic or unrealistic. I can't remember when I lost sight of them; perhaps when I started to weave seriously and decided I can only create my path by taking one step at a time. In a way it's a good thing for me, who suffers from destination addiction and has had only unrealistic, far-too-long goals. But it's also not a bad thing to have goals or aims beyond, say, this year.

I've none to share with you now; I have to think about it. On Day One, Randy Darwall asked us where we'd like to be in five years, and I can't remember what I thought, and I can't think that far now, because my life has been unpredictable since I came out of the weaving closet. And every year seems to have gotten shorter and shorter as I get older.

One thing for sure; even if we buy and win gazillions in Lotto, we're not going to build our dream house with a purpose-built studio and Ben's high-tech whatever room. Ever. We'll buy a suitably nice house, and NOT remodel. It's been a valuable lesson.

We just had the computer, the TV, the coffee maker and the lights off for Earth Day, and since Ben did not serenade me on his guitar, we sat quietly in the dark, thinking out loud, drinking Nelson Riesling. Not bad for a Saturday night.


  1. It sounds like a lovely way to spend a Saturday night!

  2. It would have been nicer if he serenaded, but it was, candles and all.

  3. the peace and quiet without the leccy is nice, isn't it?

  4. That is the first thing I notice, Humble Bumble... the quiet! It was nice. just the loud laughter coming from our office!

  5. I haven't got anything to add, but I started to comment so now I am going to anyway. Yes, I am 5. xx

  6. Ummmm. Ooookaaaaayyyyyy.


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