How do you Protect your Work?

I had a lovely day, and I'll tell you all about it in the next couple of days. But I had to show someone some of the big pieces I had at home, and she found one piece to have been eaten in several places by moths. Lucky it was one of the earlier pieces, and just the one only, not one of the ex-exhibition pieces, but I was quite shocked. My stash room may be messy, but I thought I was good with bug-prevention. I have to rethink this and use more chemicals possibly. Are all of your lovely past creations OK?

EDIT: TWO pieces, and not the most expensive yarns by human/monetary standards, but pure wool bits.


  1. oh I have not been doing it long enough to know yet, but yes, I figure it will come to this eventually.

    My felting teacher highly recommends moth proofing anything wool. she uses some kind of chemical wash on it. I have never investigated it. You'd think modernity would have solved this problem by now.

    and I ca';t wait to hear about your visit!

  2. I have been thinking of sprucing them (yes, two, rather than one!) so they can be worn, even if not sold.

  3. Oh dear! How troubling.

    I've not had a problem with woven pieces yet, but the moths have occasionally been known to attack my most favourite knits: heart breaking.

    Cedar balls are supposed to be quite effective, but as I have a bay tree, I've taken to scattering bay leaves around my pantry and studio. I've not had a problem in the (only) year I've been doing it.

  4. Really? Seriously? I've got an overgrown bay tree and have been wondering how long it would take for us to use it in cooking!!! Thank you so much for that info!

  5. Do try them then! They're supposed to be quite effective at keeping away pests.

    I like to scatter a couple of little cushions impregnated with lemograss oil around as well, just because I like the smell.

  6. I love lemongrass, too. It's sounding better and better. What's next; cake?

  7. Actually, I don't really do cake!

    But as you mention it, I was given a stunningly good raspberry cupcake the afternoon you made that comment, becuase I'd sponsored some friends in an expedition they're doing for charity.

  8. I should mention cake more often, and be thinking of you, then. Because enjoying raspberry cupcake vicariously is not fattening. I hope.


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