Friday the 13th

We've had two of those this year, haven't we? Friday the 13th, I mean. Never mind, it's not all bad for me; my sister was born on Friday the 13th; Ben's birthday falls on Friday the 13th every few years. Susan B gave me a treat on Friday, and I went to the dentist and after a grueling 45 minutes, I discovered I don't have to have a crown replaced, so that 45 minutes and another three hours of numbness was it for this tooth. Phew. I can live with that.

Meanwhile I got the first part of the building invoice, the builder bumped into the corner of the wall, and fire installation is not finished, and they want to come on Tuesday, which, I've been telling them for weeks, is not a good day for me.

I picked up Joanne Harris' "Lollipop Shoes" on Friday, and have enjoyed reading it. In fact, I cleaned the house for only half a day on Saturday, (was planning to do tons more), and read the rest of the time. I liked the film "Chocolat"; this is supposed to be a sequel/extension, but is much darker and modern. I must read "Chocolat". I also got her "Coastliners" book-on-tape from the library a couple of years ago and listened while I weeded; that was a good "read", too.

Going back to Susan's tag, my five obsessions... ONLY FIVE???
1) Breads - eating, baking, getting recipes for good bread; the more labor intensive the baking, the more enjoyable.
2) Weaving, of course. Reading about, talking about, thinking about, looking up information on, or handling textiles. Even preparing the loom, though this took years to like. On Friday, in fact, Ali who studied Jacquard weaving in France/UK last year showed me her samples and some photos of the loom and I think I finally have some idea of how it works, though now I'm not sure how Damask loom works. (Damask, it it, the other one??)
3) Bookstore browsing. I don't read nearly as much as I used to, but I like to go to bookstores just to see what's available, and what people are reading. I'm a sucker for books with beautiful covers, too.
4) Cleanliness and Order - to the point I can gauge when I'm depressed or not by how willing I am to clean and tidy. And it's a good sign I've been keen to do more of this (except this weekend) for the first time since early 2003. I'm not pleased with the amount of work which awaits me, though. Not at all.
5) It's a close tie between To Do listing, (nerd!) and blogging, but this morning I'm feeling lukewarm about both. I can tell you it's not gardening, though I wish it was.

You're it now.

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