Bl@@dy Monday

Heaps of problems with the construction, but I'm in denial.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation sent me another form email reassuring me they received my email, and the reply will arrive in up to four weeks. So I have four more weeks of freedom!

Made up a "package" to non-line Marlborough Weavers about our blog. I used big fonts and included lots of screen shots so the thing came to whopping 20 printed pages. Goodness gracious me!! I edited some, but I felt I needed to give them essentially the same info as what the on-liners have been receiving, so out went the forest.

Received "Patterns of Life: West African Strip-Weaving Traditions" by Peggy Stoltz Gilfoy, a book I wanted for ages, in the mail; I bought it from Amazon marketing place man in Arizona.

Got the Collingwood DVD in the mail a while back, but haven't felt like watching it yet. Maybe tonight's the night.

Kinda got the gist of Facebook, quicker than I expected. Don't want to know too much, just as long as I can follow what my friends are doing.

Tomorrow is another day.


  1. the siamese song is from a Disney Movie. I think it was Lady and the tramp. Siamese cats who are mischievous.

    indulged my inner child with songs from my favorite childhood movies. But I am about tired of them now.

  2. It just suited my bad mood to a T, Dana. You gotta laugh at things like that in life...

  3. I guess a part of me wanted to be a mischievous siamese cat, too! The dance they do together is pretty cute if you have a chance to watch the movie. I still like a good Disney movie now and then.

    oh hey maybe on Youtube. I'll see if I can find it and post the link on FB.

    I think your stove is sufficiently modern and not overly antiqueish. Perhaps it does not make a design splash, but it will not compete with other choices that you make.

    Will it burn those wooden pellets I keep hearing about?

  4. Wait till I get the closeup of the brass parts, Dana. Ugh... I need to learn to tat doilies!

    It burns wood. Pellet burners need electricity as well, and the whole point of not going electric (as in air conditioner/heat pump) is because down here the electricity supply can get very iffy at times. At least we'll have a toasty living room this way. Oh, and pellet burners have fans that can be annoying...


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