Thanks for Polling / Facebook

Thank you all for indicating your interest in SSVE. It was never meant to be a popularity contest but I worried Geodyne and I would have to weave lots had we been the only ones interested. I'm glad some felt comfy enough to vote "Hophum" or "No, Thanks," too, because it's not for everyone.

If you indicated to the affirmative or commented thus, thank you and I look forward. But SSVE is a casual affair, so if something comes up and you can't, don't fret. And if you hadn't indicated interest but want to take part, that's OK, too.

* * * * *

Yeah... Facebook. I now realize why Taueret thought Twitter would suited me; that compulsion for disclosure. Guilty as charged. But Twitter's word limit was much too short for the Long-Winded One. I can manage Facebook's limits. Most times. And I'm catching up with non-weaving friends who find Unravelling a bit too heavy going, so that's nice.

When I first discovered blogging, courtesy of Rosy and Liz, (who now got me into this Facebook mess,) I remember staying on the computer for hours, and I mean 7 and 11 hours every day for about three months. I had tendinitis on the right wrist, so I couldn't weave, and I typed with my left hand only. And that was just visiting photoblogs with few or no words! But I got over it after a while; I wanted to make Unravelling interesting so I had to weave. And lucky me, I'm still keen to make Unravelling interesting, so I don't mind working towards that. (Oh, yeah, then there's the tiny problem of Esty... and my web site content...)

I'm a Aries. I'm supposed to get stuck right into things, and then get bored soon after, aren't I? So I'm not sure how the Facebook phase will last, but it is a good way to connect. I see that now. I've had an interesting conversation with four people I've never met. Only one of them, Rosy, knows Liz, whom I know in person.

As your Prez might say, "How about that!"


  1. I am making it my life mission to record all my thoughts on the world wide web. glad to have a like-minded person half way round the world willing to do the same!

  2. Dana, I try hard to be a bit mysterious, but it ain't working for me!! You know, the quiet, head-down-bum-up type. Though, believe it or not, compared to my pre-weaving days, I do have sporadic periods of not wanting to bother with words... Too few and far in between...

  3. Considering the rate at which I've been weaving lately, I have to say I'm relieved to have company!

  4. Ditto! Even without commitments, this has been a very slow start to the weaving year, so I'm most grateful we don't have to come up with anything insane like... five each! Holly cow...


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