Watched the Peter Collingwood DVD, realizing I knew nothing about him except as a famous weaver and the author of the rug book, and another I have which he coauthored with Ann Sutton and Anna Jackson. And Mom's love-of-her-weaving-life. I'm sorry, but the bra straps of the interviewer in the first DVD really bothered me I was unable to concentrate; I shall try again and just listen.

I'm procrastinating work, because I can't make up my mind about threading, and for a good reason, but I can't explain them in words just yet. I keep printing out drafts, sticking them on windows and doors and grunt and moan in front of them drinking endless cups of warm comforting drinks.

I know it's now do-or-die stage, but I can't decide or justify...


  1. ya just gotta go with it.

    it too me a year to cut the fabric for the diagonal dress and now I wonder why. what a waste of time I made of myself.

    pick the best, favorite, flip a coin whatever it takes and keep moving forward.

  2. Sage advice, Lynne. And if all goes badly, it's not like I can't recreate the warp, either. I think I'd like to dress the loom tomorrow.

  3. I have a problem with bra straps, my own. I cannot find a well fitted bra.

    I know, too much information.

  4. Yeah... but for filming? I'm pretty sure it was a good interview, but I just couldn't sit comfortably and watch. I wished she sore something with sleeves or something...

  5. The woman who did the interviewing is a very gifted and dedicated weaver. She is also a delightful person and a good thinker. Besides, at least in the states, bra straps showing seem to be de rigour among the younger set........

  6. For the younger lot, here as well. It matters not the least if she's the Queen of England or the First Lady, I still find it too distracting.

  7. i have no idea what you're planning, but yeah, go for it.

    me, i just do the same thing over and over again, no adventure

    also, i sympathise with you. i too am sometimes distracted by bra straps.

    maybe not for the same reasons tho

  8. Oh, ha ha ha, Humble Bumble... I won't pursue the bra straps. I'll have to post some pics or drafts to explain what I'm thinking because I can't explain it well enough in words...


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