Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What a Lovely Morning

I had a lovely day today. So lovely I had to write in my notebook, "What a lovely morning!" (So, Dana, not grumpy!!)

The day started with a blood test, about four months overdue. A new health initiative is trying to pick up potential heart patients, and Ben and I were spotted eating too much New Zealand cheese. We've been asked to go see a nurse and be sternly warned.

Usually there are only female nurses of various sizes at the MedLab, but today I got an All Black, John, (well, he was that big,) who plunged the needle in my arm and got the stuff out real quick.

Then I went to Delicious and had a late breakfast by myself. I loved it. I finished reading Joanne Harris' "Lollipop Shoes" this morning and got started on Geraldine Brooks' "March". Late last year I happened to pick up her "People of the Book" and absolutely cherished the experience. I emailed Carol the book artist, who recommended "March". In fact, I bought two more Harris books and "March" at the used book store for the price of one new book. Nice!

Going back to this morning, instead of staying with "March", I started writing. I don't know why but I was in that kind of a mood and what with the quick trip in January and the renovation since February, I'd not been in that space for yonks. Lovely and relaxing.

Then I worked at the Gallery and it was busy enough but I was efficient and got quite a lot done, and Jay was pleased; life doesn't get better than that. OK, if I could sell a piece for what a similar sized painting goes for, that would be really good, but I don't think that's going to happen. Yet.

I found one of my cotton scarves had some paint on it, so I brought that home to wash. You now I've had stuff stolen before, but never damaged or soiled, so Jay and I were a little surprised but it's not that serious.

The renovation, I'm not sure how much longer it's going to go on; my guess is three weeks intermittently. Tiles and wood burner is supposed to be finished tomorrow, fingers crossed. Ryan-the-chippie got married on Saturday and won't be back from Fiji for a couple of weeks, but I requested he finish the job. Nigel the plumber's baby was born yesterday morning, so he's a bit late but he'll be here tomorrow.

I had my last slot with the psychologist on Monday. At least two of the four slots I had, designed to for me to learn about anxiety and depression coping techniques, were spent on my recounting the renovation story, which she found hilarious and entertaining. So I'm not sure what I learned there, except, "often with women, depression is inner anger". Okaaaayyyyyyy... Plus I still need to find a new GP after my beloved Eva deserted us. Wait, GP resigning from medicine and Psychologist leaving town - is this a good time to get paranoid?

Anyway, at least for tonight, I'm back where I was at the start of the year when 2009 was going to be a colorful, preposterous, meaningful year. I can't really start my weaving year until the renovation is finished, but I think I can manage. "Cool bananas," as the woman from the framing supply shop said to me on the phone.

PS. Taueret rang me from Australia; said she gets good phone deals. She's a rather mind-blowingly fabulous person, and I had great fun talking to her. Technology is good when it works. And when it doesn't break your bank.


  1. im JEALOUS!

    you spoke with the fabulous Tauret!
    her writing, twitters, comments make me laugh I can only image how fun it would be to TALK!

    lucky meg!

  2. I know !!! It was so freaky fun. She laughed because I sound so Minnesotan, and I thought, well, if I didn't know she was an expat Coloradan, I could have sworn she was native New South Welsh (???).

    She was taking and cooking dinner and appeasing Baby at once! Loved the way she spoke to her children, too.

    Other than sounding totally Aussie, she sounds like she writes.


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