Trying to Make the Best of My Day

Didn't see the front of the hearth until I peeled back the carpet today to wash the tiles. GRRRRRRRR!!!!!

I got one draft draft. C'est tout. Not exactly productive, but nothing like a fussy draft to calm this noisy mind. (Not exactly "funky", however.)


  1. Oh no! Is that a new chip on an old hearth, or a new hearth chipped? Either way, not fair.

    I like the draft. It's very you. I can picture it in contrasting warp and weft, like so many of your Pacific flower-like pieces.

  2. The new hearth came chipped - would you believe??

  3. Thank you!!! Because I was starting to wonder if I am extraordinarily fussy! That's what they try to make be believe!

  4. Er, no. Expecting competence does not equate to being fussy!

  5. Yeah, I thought so... but not my tradesmen... This one is just yet another of the long list of problems with this company... Sigh... I think in the end I get sick of protesting that they'll get their way.


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