Is There a Name to This Feeling?

There was this man at the theater last night. In the audience. I couldn't keep my eyes off of him. He looked a lot like Harold Ramis, (huge crush, short-lived, but it lingers on and on!!) except possibly younger, (well, I didn't stare!), and with straight, short, dark hair; nice haircut. But his eyes were just like Harold's; you know the kind that's ready to smile any moment. And I know why I couldn't keep my eyes off him.

I was looking up my high school and college friends on Facebook all day. Some used their senior year pics for their profile pic, some used pics with kids or spouses/partners, and some had respectable photos. Dave looked respectable and he looked totally different and yet exactly the same as he did in our senior year.

Strange feeling. Blogging and the Internet has made Minnesota (and other places) more immediate in my life at the bottom of the planet. Now with Facebook, I can potentially look at photos and information they themselves put up, which is quite different from looking at photos of places I used to know shot by someone else. Freaky... Dave doesn't look exactly like Harold Ramis or the man in the theater, but all three kind of melted together to represent the closeness I felt to Minnesota all day.

Don't even know if the man at the theater was American or Kiwi or something else entirely. He could have been Canadian for all I know and take exception to my superimposing Minnesota upon him...

What if it was Harold Ramis and I missed my one chance to say hello? Didn't think of that last night! Now, if he looked like Mandy Patinkin, I wouldn't waste a second and go straight up to him. (He's been to Aussie, you know. He was on Rove...)

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