Saturday, March 21, 2009

Jammy is No Longer

Just as I was slowly coming around to the notion of joining Jammy, rather than Etsy, I got this a minute ago:
In the short time Jammy has been online we’ve achieved a lot. We have raised our Artist's profiles tenfold & secured sales from around the globe. This effort has only been possible with the co-operation of our Artists, our Jammy customers and advertisers.
On a global scale times are tough and quite possibly about to get a whole lot worse. There is not the money in the marketplace for luxury goods and sales have been falling. People are more cautious and non essential purchases are being kept to a minimum. In these times of financial upheaval it’s difficult for a site like Jammy to operate successfully.
We have carefully considered our position and think it best that we discontinue the site as at 26th March 2009. Jammy is a long held dream. Now is the time to retreat, reflect and review.
Thanks to all of you for your support. Should you have any worries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.
I would have thought this kind of venture is easier than a physical retail store, but perhaps not. Artists without husbands with day jobs may need to suspend art practice and get real jobs, if they can. Sad, though. I was ready to support local in this case, and you know the name describes my lifes. I even emailed to ask if they were only temporarily closed, but all I got was the non-delivery notice.

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