Different Alternatives

I rang Ronette, who is not only my drawing teacher, but an ex-weaver and ex-weaving teacher.

Her first suggestion was meth, second glycerin. The third suggestion was more acrylic. She initially meant for me to use a tiny brush to cover enough of the white spots. But then we started to talk about surface painting. And I wonder, has anyone used acrylic paint to embelish a cotton scarf? Do you think it will be very stiff?

The other option is beading and possibly embroidery, but I think this one is too netty to hold the weight of beads (unless I can find really tiny ones) or be the base for embroidery floss.

So now I'm looking for alternatives; instead of removing the boo boo, can I cover it in an attractive way?


  1. I reckon decoration is a good way to go, although I haven't a clue how to approach it. Why not ask Connie Rose? She knows everything (I think).

  2. Yes, I know she'll have plenty of ideas, but I thought to wait until she's moved???

  3. Candy.C is done with fabric paint. I have placed acrylics on fabric with varying success. Test Experiment and test again.

  4. Serious? That's great advice, Lynne, thanks.

  5. For inspiration and maybe some advice, check out this post at Dust Bunnies Under My Loom.

    She dyed and painted a handwoven linen mat....so you might find help there!


  6. Oh, Sue... ummmmm... in a much more diluted manner than hers, if ever... I'd have to go geometric or something as I really can't draw.

  7. Cally, I asked Connie who wrote:

    "Hi Meg,
    You can water down acrylic paint and that will help somewhat with the resulting stiffness. On gauzy fabric, though, I wouldn't use that. Although Setacolor Shimmers leave a much lighter feel than Lumiere. So you might want to try the Setacolor. I would use whatever you decide to use throughout the piece, not just on that stained section. So it all looks like it was intentional.
    Or you could shibori the piece, or overdye it and then shibori, or overdye it and then discharge it. Whatever, you've got to let go of the way it is or was supposed to be so it can become whatever it wants to become.
    Good luck with it!

    Since I don't know what it is, I think it's safe to say I've discounted overdye so as not to make it more noticeable, but in essence, I think, anything goes from here on.

    Do you want to color it by any chance?


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