A Uniquely Texsolv Problem

I tend to go under, rather than over, which, sitting in a unique position looking up, makes it easier to spot.

I've also been contemplating the possibilities of such insanities as DLDL-LDLD and threading in opposites in this size; not planning, just contemplating the possibilities.

Can't do better than 2 hours per inch, however.


  1. How many epi is it?
    Oh my! the colors of the warp on the other post are lovely!

  2. 96 or there abouts. Thank you, Laritza. And strangely, I still enjoying threading!

  3. Ah, yes. It's inevitable that you'll do that from time to time.

  4. Geodyne, I seriously wanted a Jacquard loom today, because then once I thread it, I can just keep on tying until the day I die!!


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