The Almost-World Premier of a Tiny Weaving Exhibit(ion) Part 1

This must be the place.
Mind the steps. Oh I think I've seen that picture before...

"Wind Print"
"Deep" - I wonder where the piece is!
Oh, she's still working on it...


  1. I really like the name of our exhibit, Sea, Sand, Sky. Very very nice looking exhibit. You've put it together well. What a lot of work, too -- - I hope you get some r&r before the opening.

  2. I finally got some sleep last (Monday) night. Thank goodness - I was sleeping standing up while washing the last piece. Tuesday will be a whole new day!

    Re, Sea, Sand & Sky, they are in abundance in Nelson; it was an obvious choice in retrospect, but having grown up in a big city, I still can't stopped appreciating them.


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