The Almost-World Premier of a Tiny Weaving Exhibit(ion) Part 3

"Rabbit Island"; the grass, the sand, the water, I see it.
Your mother got you started on weaving.
That's a nice little loom. But this is not how you made those shawls?

Oh, I think I'll have a little read about how you made the big shawls.
Good Bye.


  1. meg - that last photo showing the shawls hanging... showing the corner of the gallery .. i LOVE the way you have chosen to hang/exhibit the shawls. Elegant doesn't even begin to describe these beautiful pieces. Good luck with the exhibit!

  2. Thank you, Maureen. It's worked out well, I think, and in the photos, you can hardly see the cords hanging them from the ceiling. (Aha, this is how they do it in the movies!?!)


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