Heavy Artillery

The gallery looks a like an empty classroom, which is not a problem with many of the exhibit(ion)s, but for mine I wanted to make it just a touch more personal, just a little more inviting so people would want to stay a just while longer. And because I love couches, I went to look at some that I could hire for three weeks. It turns out if I hired a couch, or even a love seat, THAT would have turned into the main exhibit in the space available. So I hired two lounge chairs (single seats). They didn't have the exact piece in the office, but they are the same style and color as the couch below. I don't have the photo of the exact space they are going, but imagine two navy blue single-seater in each corner of the room directly opposite the wall above. I'm pretty confident it's going to work nicely. If you don't get the picture, I'll have to post you one when it's set up, won't I?

Lovely Kath Bee came over yesterday morning, and we had a cup of tea and chocolate from Finland. (Amazing milk chocs, by the way!) Kath offered to bring friends and sing at my opening, and I was ever so grateful, but we discussed the various options for dates, style of the party, booz/foods and other offerings, and in the end, I decided not to have an opening at all. It's been on my mind for a while, but I don't like art openings myself, and my show starts on the last day of a three-day weekend, and a Monday to boot, so Kath though there's wouldn't be too many people in town that night anyway. I'm so relieved. Instead, I've said all along I'll stay open until 6 or 7PM on Fridays, when the town has its usual late night shopping anyway. She still might organize her friends into busking at the entrance of the gallery and direct the traffic my way.

Kath has turned out to be a major contributor in planning and fine-tuning my Exhibit(ion) all along; she's worth more than her weight in Finnish milk chocolate.

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