Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Day 3: Special Weavers' Hour (Followed by Afternoon Tea)

I recant (again!). Lloyd was a perfect gentleman (the way I knew him to be) and we worked out a way for him to sand the spackle and paint the wall without getting anything on the shawls, and the job was finished by 11am.

I was washing cups and getting ready for the afternoon tea in the back when I heard a person. It was my dear friend Gaylene and she was the very first person, of the people I invited, to come see the Exhibit(ion). We spent a quiet time looking over each piece, and it was lovely. That's exactly how I imagined my Exhibit(ion) should be. Lovely.

Jay from the Red came with afternoon tea goodies, and had a look around; she approved the way I set up the Exhibit(ion), and pointed out some of the details that I got right; this is better than Michelin's four stars.

By this time it was sweltering and I was busy making hot coffee and getting ready for afternoon tea. Weavers (and old faithful friends like my... ahem.... singing teacher Joe - yes, I've tried that, too) started to come in, and still I wasn't thinking of cold drinks to serve. By around 2.30, there must have been close to 30 people in the room, and I was worried about the number of chairs and ... hot drinks. I gave a short talk about how I came to have an Exhibit(ion), why I chose the title, and how I went about designing the pieces. I must say, this Newbie had a captive audience, who collectively had more than 500 (??) years of weaving experience.

It was great to see my friends, and meet other weavers. But it was like a wedding reception, where, as much as I wanted to, I couldn't sit down and spend time with everybody. Still, nobody fainted in the heat, and some old friends had a chance to catch up with one another. I think this is where Kiwis say; "And a good time was had by all". I hope.

At around 4PM, I noticed Lloyd had washed all the cups. I felt another Prima Donna Panic, because I had thought I had everything under control, but not so. Eendeavors like these are supported by so many people, even though this particular Exhibit(ion) has only my name on it.

It's been a roller coaster, but seeing friends finally made me comfortable and happy about what I've done; no more fear and loathing; just a nice, smooth ride from now on.

Thank you, everybody, for coming to see the Exhibit(ion), for the baking, and the washing up. Tomorrow, Kath Bee sings at Gallery 203.


  1. Congrats Meg, that crowd shot looks great! Lots of folks - good for you!

  2. I am so envious, wish I could have been there. Dianne

  3. Sorry I missed your exhibition! ;-)
    Everything looks fabulous to me, though. Great work!
    Enjoy "the morning after",

  4. On the whole, it's not been busy, but this was a mayhem, I tell you. I was seriously worried someone was going to faint in the heat - I thought that someone could easily be me! And I just don't understand why I didn't think of a cool drink. Silly me.

  5. I send you a big hug, meg.
    Stop worrying, just enjoy from now on.
    It was nice a very nice touch of you to have hot drinks ready (and next time, maybe you can delegate this task, maybe a a friend is more than willing to help).
    Thankfully you(r legs) didn't give out! :-)

  6. Confirming receipt of a big hug, Merisi. VERY much appreciated. It's Saturday morning and I have to get ready to go back to the Gallery, but for the first time in days I'm feeling... conscious! It'll be a good day. Thanks for your continuing support.


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