Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Randall Darwall Update

This just in from the Great One: "Finally getting back to whatever normal is after 4 shows since NZ. Eek! ... Brian's show was wonderful - will send pix sometime. It just came down 2 days ago."

Ornament magazine Vol 30, No 1 had a 4-page article on the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show 2006, in which Randy and Brian participated. There's no photo of Randy's work, but: "Randall Darwall, from Bass River, Massachusetts, is a studio clothmaker who designs as he works. "I particularly like the unpredictable potential that only the handweaver is free to explore in process," he says. He will use many different kinds of silk yarns "to make the color glow, to create depth and to record the motion of weaving."

This magazine is not sold in bookstores in New Zealand, so if interested, email them, attention: Stephanie Morris.


Randy Darwall passed away after a short illness either on Friday, January 13 or Saturday, January 14, 2017. (I heard on Saturday here in New Zealand.) There is supposed to be a memorial in the northern hemisphere spring. This is all I found on Facebook.

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