Thursday, January 25, 2007

"Why Are You Doing This?"

This is one question I don't know how to answer: why am I having an Exhibit(ion)?

I said I would to Lloyd Harwood of Arts Council and reserved the gallery last May.

In June I went to an Artists' Retreat and sat in a workshop for "craft" artists; the speaker was meant to discuss the ways craft can be shown/sold, and how we should approach galleries/shops. The message I (and as it turns out, quite a lot of people who attended) got, however, was a cool "Don't call us; we'll call you!" So I thought I needed to make the first move, so I can write it in my Resume/CV.

Last Sunday in Marlborough, Joan asked me the same question, and my answer de jour was: "I came to weaving late in my life; people my age have been weaving for decades, and I want to catch up."

Until last week, we had had a cool summer and I haven't spring-cleaned the fireplace because I was never sure when we would use it again. A week before I'm opening This Hoo Hah showing wool shawls, summer finally arrives full blast and it's hot and sticky and I wouldn't blame anyone if s/he thought I was demented for doing This Hoo Hah in the middle of a Nelson summer.

So, three days to go, I still have to weave one more, so out you go. Don't ask me such a hard question!


  1. And we bought a Lloyd Harwood at the Red exhibition in December.

    Small world....

  2. It's just Nelson, JB.


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