Funny Feeling / The Purpose of an Exhibit(ion)

I just finished the last piece. It needs to be fringed in the gallery tomorrow, and washed and pressed at home, but on Tuesday it can be hung like the others.

I had a strange realization as I worked the last two hours of the "preparation" phase. I was weaving slowly and at first I thought I was just being careful, but it was more than that. I didn't want the preparation phase to end. And that also seems to be why I didn't work efficiently this last week. I did have nine days to weave and finish one piece, and though I did struggle to design this particular one, I was slowing down the pace more than necessary, while my "evil twin" was savoring the moments. Is this a usual part of the creative process? I've never heard anything like this!

At the same time, I am starting to dread showing my work. I can only remember the horrible things about the pieces, (it didn't help that the photographs I took today were kind of horrible, too), and I was thinking up all kinds of excuses why they were the way they were, rehearsing what I am going to say so at least I sound like I know what I am talking about. I was already regretting the quality of the work that is being shown.

I definitely need to improve the technical aspects of weaving this year, I know this. But there's more.

I use words to aid my designs; I collect words to describe the outcome of the design at hand. And I often include words like elegant, exquisite, delicate and , ahem, slinky. Somehow, Nelson's summer sea and the sand and the clouds didn't end up in designs that I would describe thus. Meaning, I don't feel my very first exhibit(ion) represents the best work I can do, and perhaps the best work I do don't render to exhibit(ion)s because they are not striking looking.

Oh, I think I need a good night's sleep, and maybe another Exhit(ion) in a couple of years. But we won't tell Ben just yet; he's asleep on the couch.


jb said...

Good luck for today...

(Had no idea that Jay is on your side. No bad thing!)

Meg said...

Thank you, and I did the the invites, so I hope the Power of JB will being those people here.

Doesn't Jay even look like a Fairly God Mother? She is mine!

Nikon said...

Good luck Meg, I'd love to be there for this.
Take pictures :)

Meg said...

Paul, today is definitely a beach day. Go to the beach!

Maureen said...

yes yes, meg - take pictures of the totally 100% ready exhibit, and of the people walking up all those steps ... looking at your wonderful photos along the stairway ... even though it is in your summer, heat - the exhibit so far looks cool, refreshing, simple, very unencumbered and uncluttered. Lovely. I wish I could come to your opening. Really. Good luck today!

Meg said...

Maureen, thank you. I can't imagine what generally-shy Kiwis would think if I towered over at the top of the stairways taking pictures! (Though that IS one place I can tower over them!!)