Support Crew

With the preparation of what I'm now calling This Hoo Hah, I am being encouraged and helped by many people, about some of whom I will be writing in some depth in the future, because I'm hoping, in spite of This Hoo Hah, they will stay my friends and artistic co-conspirators for a long time.

Today I'm introducing this guy. He has a full time IT job; he comes home, takes me to the Mega Store to buy material, builds/paints the rigs, and then cooks me dinner. When my mother visits solo, he makes us coffee and toast, goes to work, comes home, and seeing us in the middle of warping/dyeing/sorting yarns, cooks us dinner.

He never questions when I covet yarns or weaving books/software/equipment/loom but encourages me to get them. And he didn't mind when my weaving space crept into his workshop and finally pushed him out into the garage.

Weavers' husbands are a patient lot, but I have to say, I hit the jackpot with Ben. (And everybody thought we wouldn't last three months!)

Thank you, Ben. I am making you breakfast on 17 February.

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