Making of an Exhibit - Part 4: List Time

Three weeks to go. I have completed 4 shawls, wove the 5th (it needs fringing and washing); have started the 6th. I also have one I wove a year ago which relates to the sea so it can go into the exhibit as well. In effect I will have seven pieces by the end of this week, and that's really enough for the space of the gallery. If I get ambitious and put on another warp, good; if not, no problem.

I have a draft invitation postcard and poster. In the next week, I will see Martin at Arts Marketing, Mr Harwood at Arts Council, and Kath Bee, the song writer who is kind enough to perform live at my Exhibit every Thursday at lunch time. (I recall something about the length of the cable of her speaker... Hummm...) I will go see the two lounge chairs (instead of a love seat) I might hire to put in the second room. I must contact people and venues which are going to help me with free advertising.

This weekend, with the help of Claudia, I've decided how I will hang the pieces. I'll show it to you a little later when I buy the bits I need to experiment. I must ring one of the two builders recommended to me to solicit help to hang things from an almost-4 meter ceiling, whichever one that can help me in exchange for a bottle of wine and maybe a scarf. I must also make up my mind about what to do with the enormous windows which allow too-strong afternoon sun.

I must start thinking of what to bake for the afternoon tea following the Weavers' Show and Tell hour, and what else I must bring for that event. I must also start thinking about which photographs of sea, sand or sky to print to decorate the stairway going up to the gallery, and possibly on the wall of the gallery; I must also consider printing some of the posts from this blog. I must put a dictionary above the business cards I printed out this afternoon to make sure they are flat.

I decided not to have an opening long time ago, because of costs, and more seriously, because I hate art openings. But I've been toying with the idea of a less pretentious, "Sneak Preview" in lieu of an opening. I must find the willingness, funds, food and booz if I go down that road.

All the pieces are falling into place; I just need to map out where they've fallen.


Merisi said...

Oh, Meg, you are so diligent!
I'm in awe and wish you all the best for the success of your exhibition (and yes, accompanying your shawls with macro pictures of your weaving seems to me quite effective - it's stunning, to look at the details, respect!).
My little brave Sony camera has sometimes a difficult time getting out of the whizzing, many times I just give up. I'm not sure, if it isn't more my unability to handle the camera (so different from my old beloved Nikons which I can handle quite well, understand their mechanisms which I cannot say of my digital little point and shoot whizard *g*).
Sunny greetings from Vienna,

Meg said...

Thank you for your visit, Merisi. Re. macro shots, that's where I got started with photography, so I feel comfortable with it. Somewhat. However, it's very hard to show textile in bigger pieces, especially when there is very little contrast in the hues/values, and THAT has to go on the list of things to improve.

I know what you mean about the camera, though; my other one is an Olympus OM-2 and we had a mutual understanding of sorts; when something went wrong, I knew what I did wrong. I had a love/hate relationship with Ben's Canon G3, but I get along better with my own Panasonic, thankfully.

Anonymous said...

Hi Meg

Great to check in to your site and see that you are on track for the opening and wish I could make it! Maybe sneak I can slip over the strait and up the stairs sometime in February.....

Meg said...

Yeah, that would be a real treat, Trish!