Warp #4

After posting that I finished weaving my last piece, I went downstairs and hung five pieces to try to name them while tidying up the studio. I like to look at what I make from a distance and from all directions instead of standing in front and looking straight at it. I came up with a great name for #6, and I was becoming increasing pleased with that particular piece.

Now those of you who have been in "art" for any length of time may laugh at the naivety of this novice planning an Exhibit(ion) and blogging about it, and you are perfectly entitled to, really loudly, but here's the truth.

I have ranted about "my" kind of cloth, and I had thought one of the prerequisites was not mixing hues and not having a big gap in the values. Well it's true to a certain degree, but that's much too simplistic because #6 is mid-blue warp with light-brown (camel) weft. With this, it's the weave I like, and it's one of my doodle weaves. I'll explain about that when I show you #5 and #6, but I love the quirkiness, the unpredictable-(to-me)-ness and the contrast within the cloth.

What I'm trying to say is, I no longer know what I like about "my" cloth, AND I really don't like #4, AND I need to show at least one more doodle piece. So with 10 days to go, by 7PM, I was tying yet another warp.

I'm going to weave one more piece. I feel disjointed like a Picasso portrait. I hope I can make it in time.


Merisi said...

You are a true artist.
Nothing less.

Meg said...

And a procrastinator, Merisi. I keep thinking if I had started the preparations even one week earlier, or had lined them up and inspected them in this manner 3 days earlier, I would be in less of a panic.

Merisi said...

Sound familiar: If only I had started earlier.
You know what happens to me all the time, when I try to stay super organized and within a time frame? I tend to go more into depth and in the end, I'm in the same time muddle as if I had started three days later. ;-)
Don't know how to beat myself at this catch the tail game.

Meg said...

Yes, yes, thank you! I'd have had more time to worry and change my mind, so all in all, I think if I had just finished the last piece before Monday, all would have been fine! Thank you, Merisi.