Monday, January 22, 2007

Marlborough Weavers Meeting, 21 January 2007

After being their waif for six years minus two weeks, I finally went to a meeting of Marlborough Weavers yesterday; Sue and I are now their newest members. For this hermit weaver, it's a bit scary being part of a group at long last.

They tell me the meetings won't always be like this idylic, but I wanted to show you the "business" part of the meeting, (and this isn't even the beautiful part of the garden!)

Life is good; now back to my basement.


  1. Hi Meg,
    Lots of new things for you lately. So far, it all seems to be good! I hope it stays that way & that your exhibit is a big success.

  2. Hi, Paul. I think I've started to finally loose track of my mental TO DO list... I'll probably be tearing my hair out later in the week, but for now, things are progressing.

  3. Great you had this meeting in such beautiful surroundings. I find I can stay cloistered for some time, but I need to immerse myself at regular intervalls in the outside world, and if it's only a late night walk under the neighborhood trees and along the gardens, even the deserted downtown can reverberate new positive energy (or an empty Demel's after five, which is unfortunately an hour which usually is open for me only on weekends).
    Lots if fresh energy and enjoyment to you,

  4. Merisi, this farm was so beautiful and had so many areas with beautiful flowers blooming, but I was so taken by the size of the place and when I came home, this was the only picture I had taken during the whole day!

    I know exactly what you mean about Demel's. There used to be a vegetarian eatery called the Broccoli Row, which was extremely popular at lunch time, and then kind of died down (more so than other places) until dinner time, and I used to love to go there around 2pm or 3pm and sit while the staff cleaned up the lunch rush, relaxed themselves, and prepared for dinner.


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