Shawl Seven, "Deep"

It's a too early in the day and I don't have good light, but this is the first photo of the last piece.

The warp was in a variegated purple 100% merino wool, 110/2; the sett was 18 DPI; in 14-end straight draw, Shafts 15 and 16 weaving two ends of plain weave at both selvedges. The weft is possum/merino/silk in deep green. The weave is two-faced 1/7 and 7/1 twill.

I was tired of my lame pictorial depictions of SS&S and was taking a walk in my favorite Flickr galleries. All I knew is I wanted to get into the water this time, not just looking at the surface. On Montana Raven's beautiful pages, I found three photos of dry winter grass, (posted January 23), and I remembered I wanted to do something about seaweeds dancing in the water. Now my Exhibit(ion) is complete.

I hope I can post better photos of this later.


Nikon said...

Beautiful shot Meg.

Meg said...

I'm really pleased with this piece, Paul.