Remember Dianne?

I got another photo from Dianne; she says: "This is an image of three wraps on a turquoise warp, one with lots of Fibonnacci stripes (all that changing shuttles and ending off ends is slow work), the second I had some black add in threads which looked awful until I put in the horizontal bleeders and the third was reversing the 16 lag chain to make leaf shapes."

I agree with you entirely about switching shuttles and cutting ends. I have orders for tiny cashmere scarves with random color Randying but I really have to clear my head before I embark on those; once I start a piece, however, I'm away with the fairies and thinking happy thoughts.

And you talk often about the color of the sea and ask me about the Nelson sea; THESE are the colors of the sea on really hot days in Nelson!

Thank you for the photo, Dianne.

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