No Opening

When I came home, I knew I was running on fume. I was so tired Ben had to repeat three times everything he said. So after supper and a bit of rest, I went downstairs to weave. Though it took me longer to establish a rhythm, it was relaxing and enjoyable. After 40 minutes my mind cleared and I could think again, and I had one recurring thought: THANK GOODNESS I HAD ENOUGH FORESIGHT TO FORGO THE OPENING!!!


  1. Hi Meg,
    Good luck - you're almost there!

  2. What? Where, Paul? Almost insane? You should be here helping us - wanna meet us at the gallery today? Loads more work, I'm afraid. I'll let you sit in the dog-hair chair and select CDs to play while we work. I'll make you horrible instant coffee in exchange.

  3. I hate instant coffee, you're on your own :)
    Good luck!

  4. Girly herbal tea? I'm taking a couple of boxes of them.


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