Worried about Not Worrying

I touched base with three people today: Martin at Arts Marketing to go over promotion and to see if I was forgetting anything else; Mr Harwood at Arts Council to pay my NZ$60 for the hire of the gallery, and Jay at The Red to touch base and ask her to look over my pieces on the Friday before installation.

My conversation with Jay went something like this:
Jay: "So how is everything progressing?"
Meg: "Great..."
Jay: "And?????"
Meg: "Well, it's come down to worrying about the baking for the Weaver's Hour on the 31st."
Jay: "And you're worried because you've nothing much more to worry about! Stop it!"

Don't get me wrong, I still have 8 pages of A5-size (1/2 of Letter-size) TO DO lists, reminders, and ideas to ponder and decisions to make. But I have the lists, I need to do the tasks in there, and check them off the list.

If I really tried, I could put on another warp, but I'm starting to feel the effects on my right wrist and neck, so I won't go all gun-ho about it. If it happens, it happens.

Right now I'm printing 120 postcard/invitations for starters. My Exhibit(ion) opens two weeks from today; in fact, this time two weeks from now, I'll have finished Day 1.

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