My House Is One Big To Do List / Social Flower

I haven't cleaned my house properly for a while. I have lots of things partially done or have full intention of doing, and they are left where I can see them so I don't forget. Altering Ben's pants is a big one; fringing/washing non-Exhibit(ion) pieces are another. If I walk from one room to the next, I see what I need to do after the Exhibit(ion) starts and before my parents come, so the whole house has become a big 3D To Do list. On the one hand, I can't stand it; on the other, I don't even see them any more.

The bonus is everybody knows I'm home working busily, so everybody is dropping by to say hello. I haven't had this busy a social life since my friend Trish moved to Wellington (that's coming up 3 1/2 years now) or even before that. And I'm loving it. I'm a social flower, rather than a social butterfly. I've been enjoying these visits because I have a legitimate reason not to have to be a tidy or a good hostess; I don't worry about my garden (which tends to be ultra-naturalistic at the best of times) or the house (oh, mind that step, that piece has pins in it still) or having nice bickies and regular, trim, AND soy milk for tea/coffee.

This is just great! If you want to see a relaxed me, now is the time to come over.

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