La Crumpet is right, I must stop talking about ailments. I was thinking all day that in one of your blogs a few months ago I read someone else saying if she ever read about illnesses once on a blog, she would never return to the said blog, ever again. Fair enough. Me, I don't mind much; I get to know the writer a bit better as a person, but NOT AS MUCH DETAIL AS I'VE BEEN PUTTING IN HERE, PLEASE!!

But there is a strange sense of release when you spell it out; an "OK, that's done" kind of feeling. I used to keep another blog for just that kind of blathering, but I've been preoccupied with SSVE so I've been neglecting that one. Must separate the beautiful with nasty! At any rate...


Not saying it won't happen again, but not for a while, ok?


  1. "La Crumpet is right, I must stop talking about ailments."

    Um, I only meant, my dear, that as we discover our similarities, there are some I wish we did not have- like depression and tinnitis.

    It is from others sharing that I learned I needed to see an endocrinologist rather than a psychiatrist. Who knew that for me Cytomel and Levothroid had the same effect on me as Prozac, cost less, helped me lose some unneccessary weight, AND ccam with no social stigma! WOOT WOOT!

    So. Share away. It's your blog, and quite a nice one at that. So steady on, as Wallace would say.

  2. Ummm, are you also terribly near-sided? I can't see my elbows if I took off my glasses - but Dad reckons nobody can see their elbows without trying - I mean the distance, you know. But yeah, it is a good platform to find things out - otherwise, how would I have found out about the sugar spa!!


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