The first time I was ever told of WeaveCast, there were only a couple of files, and I thought I needed a cute iPod to listen. Over the months I have visited and downloaded however many files there were on the day, but until recently I had only 30 gigs of hard drive, so whenever I had a big photo or editing project, I had to zap them.

But fear not, I now have 120 gigs, so today I downloaded everything, again, mainly because the latest installment is by Bonnie Inouye. I haven't listened to any of them yet, as it took me half a day to download, but the links and references on the web site look more plentiful that in the early days. Well done, Syne Mitchell; such a lot of work.

So, at the risk of preaching to the choir, if you haven't checked it, do. You don't need a cute iPod, just software like Media Player, RealPlayer, QuickTime, etc., (readily available if you don't have one) to listen.

I couldn't help myself; I asked Syne to get Randy to talk about the time he rethought of his mission as an art teacher - I need big memory gaps filled.


  1. Meg, I assume you've found Syne's Weavezine as well?

    Astoundingly, no one in our Penland class knew about Weavecast, so I enlightened them. And I encouraged Randy to talk to Syne. So perhaps you will get your wish one day.

  2. Ohh, am I ever keeping my fingers crossed!!!! thank you so much for making that suggestion to Syne!

  3. Valrie, I think it was Peg who called my attention to Weavezine, but I haven't been checked it out yet. I'm very slow in utilizing things on the Internet - I don't read other weavers' blogs faithfully, I am about to embark on WeaveCast only because Bonnie has done it, but I also found Bonnie T has done something before.

    I still prefer books in paper and ditto with magazines because I can't see the screen very well, (never going to buy that Amazon gadget, because I won't enjoy the "reading" experience.) But if the WeaveCasts are as good as everybody else says, and I have no reason to doubt y'all, I'm sure Weavezine is great as well.

    Peg, yeah, me, too. Fingers, toes, eyes and everything else crossed, and I do hope Syne asks my burning question that I missed!


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