Being PC

Like I said, I like to be inclusive; rather than not celebrating a traditional/cultural holiday, Easter in New Zealand, for e.g. I'm for celebrating as many holidays of as many groups as possibly. And New Zealand is pretty relaxed (sometimes a tad insensitive) when it comes to religion; I'm always being asked for my Christian Name in this day and age, and many people don't understand why I huff and puff about that. And if you really want to know, I have a baptismal name that is not my given name.

I've been to Jewish homes around Hanukiah's; some were devoid of Christmas and some had stockings at the hearth and one of the most beautifully decorated Christmas trees ever, I saw in a Jewish home; we've given presents to Baha'i kids with their parents approval, knowing ours were sometimes the only presents they received at that time of the year.

And then in Japan, it's all commercial and anything goes. I'm a lapsed Catholic agnostic, but Japanese first and foremost, meaning, celebrations are more cultural than religious/philosophical. So there you have it; I'm easy, but I hate to be insensitive. I joke that snowflakes and snowmen are so not Southern Hemisphere at that time of the year, but what's the fun when we start to go there... OK, nervousness talking. You worry about this; I've got to work.


Cate Rose said...

Three posts a day, to just this one blog, Meg -- I just don't know how you do it. Guess it's because you're not a person of few words!!
And a person of seemingly unlimited energy. Use it while you have it, girl! Ten years from now you'll be marveling over how much stuff younger women are able to accomplish -- just like I am. Ten years ago I had about as much energy as you do today!
You go girl!

Meg said...

No, Connie, more a bad case of motor-mouth. Boy, I needed to chill out. I was going crazy!