A Piece of Humble Pie

Having lost my natural cool this morning, I went off huffed and puffed to the Refinery to help Lloyd and co. receive the Nelson Regional Art Awards entries. Jeanette and I were to do the form/money/receipting, and Lloyd and Scooter unwrapped and put serial numbers on all entries.

I was a little worried at first because the receiving process was a tad more complicated than I had imagined, and tried to streamline the activities, but Jeanette had her own ideas, which naturally were entirely different from mine. I was starting to get cross, but after a while, I took my own advice and did it her way and it worked a treat. Of course my way would have, too, but heck, all four of us were happy at the end. We were able to correct errors as we worked, and ended up saving someone else's time at a later stage.

Jeanette told me not to hesitate to ask people to wait while I did my part; this I find hard to do as my Japanese instinct kicks in, (or I see a red light flashing), but she's right and artists weren't impatient. So I had a piece of humble pie, but I'm also patting myself on the back, because her way, my way, it didn't matter in the end, and truth to tell, they weren't all that different.

I go back on Monday to do another stint; Jeanette won't be there, but we'll stick to her way.


  1. I have found humble pie tastes better than eating my own words, or putting my foot in my mouth. It washes down nicely with a piece of good chocolate too!

  2. Dana, I love the way you think. Did I write that I came home with a non-virtual piece of raspberry brownies as well?


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