Santa Fe or Bust

On Saturday and Monday, as I mentioned, I volunteered four hours to help Lloyd receive photographs and paintings entries for the Nelson Regional Arts Awards. I was in charge of checking the entrants' membership to Arts Council Nelson, making sure all relavent information was on the Awards registration form, giving each work a serial number and receiving (and giving change to) the correct amount of registration fee, and handing the invitation to Saturday's opening. Oh, and I tried to convey my excitement with each entrants, but at times that didn't work. And another woman, different from the person who devised the system on Saturday, gave out receipts and matched the entrant names and the serial numbers on another sheet; a bit of double-up in work, but a man came out of nowhere and helped her with this last bit.

It was good to be on the other side of an exhibition, because although I belong to the Marlborough Guild subgroup, they are 90 minutes away and I get there so occasionally I don't help out with the running of the group; washing up the cups and plates is about all I do, really.

Now I have 11 days to whip up some magic for Pat to deliver to Santa Fe and I'm in lock down; I've cleared my calendar, and in the next two weeks my only commitment is the Friday morning drawing class, and coffee with Nancy. Gym suffers, but I'll live. I do so enjoy this enormously; I feel elated, giddy and a little overexcited, and a tad worried because I haven't come up with how to improve on the SSVE warp.

Husband has been warned; he made enough curry to last us two nights, and brought home ingredients for some of his specialties, so dinner is taken care of until Friday.

I'm taking a break from Sue's gallery, too. It's winter here and things are so quiet in the gallery (NO visitors the last two slots I did; ZERO!), and Sue's working on big art projects in the back studio, so she is happy not to have to clean the space up every week to make room for me. So that's my summer finished.

Right-o! To my basement.


Anonymous said...

Anxiously awaiting your creations!
enjoy your artists confinement.

Meg said...

Thank you, Lynne. You got the "anxious" part right, ha ha.