Small Scarf Virtual Exhibition 2008

Rose Pelvin

Betsy Frizzell

Judy Bool

Esmae Emerson


Diana Klau

Lynne B
This blog is now by invitation only.

Meg Nakagawa

 The Big Gallery Flickr sets for this challenge has been deleted; some of the links were modified.


Anonymous said...


Its perfect!

Thanks and praise for bringing us all together.

Meg said...

No, thank YOU!! It's been great fun. I am cooking up another idea, but maybe in a few months, or a year.


Meg, I love it, what a feeling of unity. All the scarves are fabulous I think I've emailed everyone I know to take a peek, hehe. Yes, cook up as much as you can, we should do it again.

saoriweaver said...

Thank you so much Meg! It's great to see all of these scarves together and see people's creativity.

I'd certainly do this kind of thing again - there have been people waiting with anticipation to see the exhibit.

Happy Weaving,

Meg said...

Deep End, unity was possible only because 17 weavers were willing to work and come together, so thank YOU, and pat yourself on the back. Never mind, give yourself a big hug and a kiss; oh, go on!!

Same to you, Terri and you get extra credit for making your way to such a beautiful environment to shoot your scarf. I can't wait to read about Sendai!

Susan B. said...

Ahhhhhh. So very nice and rich. I am totally inspired by everyone - all the colors, textures, patterns. Ahhhhhh.

Meg said...

Hee hee, Susan, if there ever was a correct response, that would be it. See why I was so giddy all week?

Anonymous said...

Oh Meg and everyone. WOW!

What a neat collection of newbies like me and seasoned hands.

I am honored to be part of this exhibit.

Anonymous said...

OK, so since this is calling up all kinds of geographic connections, I must add that I lived in Sendai for 3 years. It's so cute, Meg, that you would understand my impression of it being a lot like Minneapolis.

Sendai is in Miyagi-ken, in the southeastern portion of Tohoku, northeastern Honshu. It's a small city in the middle of a fairly rural area. It has a large university and a womens college. It's the biggest game around, but it's not a city on a scale of Chicago.

I have very fond memories of my time in Sendai.

Meg said...

Et tu, Crumpet? So here's this big Sendai link happening?

The only thing is, in Tohoku, Sendai is the Minneapolis and Chicago at once, because there's no bigger place up there - you'd have to come down to Tokyo next.

One year in the 80's Dad told us out of the blue that we're going away for a few days, so we packed and took off. Turns out there was a fish restaurant he'd been going to for years, (lots of conferences at Tohoku Univ) and he wanted to treat us to a really good dinner. So we got on the train, went up, visited Aoba Castle, then went to the fish restaurant, which was seriously good. Next day we went to Matsushima, and came back down on the Blue Train. Great trip - one of the last we had together before us kids started marrying and leaving. My family went to great length to eat good food - the whole extended family has done - but this was possibly the most impromptu and long-distance, and was well worth it.

Anonymous said...

The scarves are all fabulous. I just love how this exhibition all came together. Congratulations everyone.

Meg said...

On behalf of the group, Kaz, thanks!

Anonymous said...


Delighted with the virtual weaving tour........thank you all!

Barbara Garner
Dufur, Oregon

Meg said...

Thank you for visiting, Barbara.

elsa eriika said...

Hi meg! I am so happy about this virtual exhibition! I am proud of you and everyone who took part for it! Thank you very much Meg! I feel it was sad i hadn't loom to use but nez time i want to be part of exhibition also. I am impressed about blogosphere of weavers!

Meg said...

Elsa, I was very surprised to read that you don't have a loom at the moment some time ago. I hope you can borrow one soon.

elsa eriika said...

I know. I am a student and i was using looms in my studying place, then after my little project somebody else needed loom that i used...

My mom also has loom but she is working there herself, i am probably getting them still in this summer for my next project.

I love to see what is going on in blogosphere always when i have time. I am sure i will be always part of blogs but my life is not stable yet, i am young and moving all the time but weaving is my technique. It is so nice to understand idea of weaving, my dream is to be able to teach weaving and design for weaving some day! Thank you for being so active meg! I am still impressed of your energy!

Have a beautiful day! Sunny greetings from northen summer! I will write studying stuff today!

I am proud of all weavers!

Meg said...

Well, dear Elsa, experience your life as it is now as much as you can. You might be at a stage where you're meant to do be doing something else, and if weaving is on the card, it'll come back to you.

All around the country we're having a once-in-x-decade storm with snow and rain and ice this weekend. Here, it's a bit windy and a bit gray, but otherwise, no big deal. Once again, I'm feeling "fair weather guilt".