Nancy Time / Pat Time

I am so happy today. I had some Nancy time in the morning, and among other things she showed me her Interlac felted bag. (Synchronicity, Deep End!!)

She got a pattern and started to knit Interlac but felt it would be too heavy as a scarf, and Pat, I think, suggested Nancy felt it. It's in deliciously delicate colors and a yummy bag.

She was also wearing a new knit necklace - she knitted what's called Sari Silk around here - it's like a fat chenille yarn made up of sari fabric offcuts. Nancy time is precious even without the textile treats, but boy, this was an added bonus.

Then in the afternoon I had a strategic meeting with Pat regarding the kind of scarves and "packaging" for Santa Fe. I'm exhilarated and terrified at once, but if I don't try, I won't get anywhere, and I don't have to negotiate face-to-face, so that's a big relief.

I feel terribly selfish because Nancy and Pat know each other and I could have easily organized for all of us to get together, but I hadn't seen Nancy in weeks and I'd never gotten together with Pat before so I wanted to make both special. And they were. I hope Pat Time becomes a regular feature in my life, too. Or Pat-and-Nancy-time; wow, that's like drugs...

Sorry, no pics of Pat today; I was busy trying to remember all her suggestions.

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