Reminder: Small Scarf Virtual Exhibition Submission

Dear friends, it's Tuesday over here, and your SSVE submission is due Monday your time, so I thought I'd post a reminder, for myself perhaps more than for you.

I amended the original Guideline a few times after I posted it, so if you are unsure, please check it once more.

If you are sending me a link to your blog rather than photo and blub files, please schedule to post it sometime during June 13 either your time or NZ time (UTC/GMT +12 hours), and please, if you can, plan to have it on the front page of your blog for at least two weeks. If you are posting your piece on your own blog, please remember to email me so you are included in the link, and so I can send you the same. If I have the time to make a small exhibition "poster", I will also be sending a JPG file of the poster which you may or may not choose to post.

I reply to everyone who has emailed me to acknowledge receipt of your information, and I've been checking my Gmail Spam folder as well, but if you have already contacted me, but have not heard back, please contact me again.

Entrants I have on my record so far are:

Bety Antonio, "Deep End of the Loom", Miami, Florida, USA, posting on your own blog
La Crumpet, Minnesota, USA, photos and blurb
Connie Rose, Eureka, California, photos and blurb
Rose Pelvin, Marlborough, New Zealand, photos and blurb
Betsy Frizzell, Marlborough, New Zealand, photos and blurb
Judy Bool, Marlborough, New Zealand, photos and blurb

Having said that, tomorrow noon-ish, Ben and I are off to my annual Writers' Retreat, and will return late Sunday, so if I miss your email before I go, you will hear from me on Monday June 9 or Tuesday June 10.

My SS is looking rather different from what I had planned, and though and I'm happy with it, I still want to make what I had in mind originally as well.

So, happy weaving/knitting/embellishing.

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