Monday, June 30, 2008


I've been privy to a conversation between two parties concerning my work. And by conversation I mean two short emails. Nothing special. Just two parties saying what's expected of each under the circumstance. I know that. Still, I can't believe how vulnerable I feel about each and every word I read, and think I see between the lines, between the words, even between the letters.

I don't think I've ever felt so vulnerable about my work before, and if I have, I don't remember it. I was thinking I've grown a bit callous about what I do, almost worried about a kind of a throw-away attitude I've donned.

I don't want to appear rude, over confident, or ignorant, and when in doubt, I ask questions, but I also don't want them to think I'm an amateur, unprofessional, or greedy. Even though I am a newbie at this game.

Like I say, weaving is the easiest part of being a weaver sometimes.


  1. "Weaving is the easiest part of being a weaver sometimes": I couldn't agree more! I'm told that I am more-than-usually thin-skinned about my work - all kinds not just weaving work - and would quite like to callous up a little. But then I wonder whether the thinness of the boundary between me and the world is part of what makes me creative (in so far as I am creative, that is...)

  2. was someone mean to you Meg? I will get them!

  3. Oh, Cally, it's terrible. I've become pretty ok with exhibitions, though I still don't like to go to openings, but I do out of a sense of obligation to the curators and the gallery. But when it comes to selling, I feel horrible all the time, and recently I haven't felt the same joy I used to with commission work, either. I hope it's a phase; I've even talked people out of commission...

    Taueret, No, not mean, but thanks. Oh, boy, do I feel love from across the ditch! If they were mean, I have reasons to feel intimidated. It's being thin-skinned and not wanting to be caught out being as being incompetent or a total newbie.

    I'm becoming silly, though. This morning the Stat Counter is not working properly and as of 8AM it showed that nobody had visited Unravelling (and a few of our other blogs). I immediately thought, "Oh, No, I said something wrong and offended a whole bunch of people!!!" I've always been like this, nothing to do with art; having lived in different places, I think it's beset to say what I think straight out, but then I worry I said it wrong or have offended someone.

    Luckily, I have Tue/Wed/Th to weave, Friday to fringe/wash/press, Saturday to label, tag, catalog and deliver, so hopefully I'll be too busy weaving to worry. Fingers, toes and eyes crossed!!!

  4. it amazes me that you could feel that way about your work. kind of intimidates me :-), actually. chin up.

  5. cally... "(in so far as I am creative, that is...)" what makes us say things like that!!? grr! You is PLENTY creative lady.

  6. Taueret, thanks. I think of myself as a relatively harmless weaver; I do. Can't be responsible for Cally, though.

  7. My education labelled me very early on as "academic" and not "artistic", which were officially two separate things. But I won't clutter up Meg's blog with my own angst!!!

    I hope the weaving part is going well (it's Wednesday here so I'm assuming it can't be later than Thursday down under)


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