RD Workshop Feedback?

I have it on good authority that the latest Penland lot was kind to Randy. I take it nobody ran after him as he walked away to seek a few seconds of quiet, yapped at his ankles a mile a minute, squeezing out every last ounce of whatever wisdom or blessing he could impart, or just to hear his voice. You are better persons than I.

If you have a blog or photo site where you are reflecting on or sharing your experience as Valerie has, please let me know. And if you don't have such a platform, but would like to impart your thoughts, or just to share incoherent delirium, please email me.

I was looking at Valerie's photos, particularly of the sample warps, and was struck how some of them look so much like the ones from our workshop. The first things I noticed were the colors, of course; similar warp colors seemed to produce strikingly similar samples from a distance. And where I could see some details, it seem quite a few of us tried similar things in making the color changes gradually.

Of course all this makes sense because we probably had similar (although ours could have been abridged, ours being a week-long course) principles explained in the lectures, but I'm still struck more by the similarity than individuality. So does this mean, while we learn and take in the RD philosophy, we first follow the "instructions" closely in a strikingly similar manner, and then as we start to make this new knowledge our own, we allow ourselves to interpret and show our individuality? Gosh, when I type it out like this, it sounds terribly "Duh!!". But I am still surprised at the sameness, from a distance.

I am struck by the bold yellow warp towards the right - that one is very different from others, not exactly along the lines of the instructions for the warp prep we received, but decidedly individual, clean and crisp. Gutsy stuff. If you were in New Zealand, you might have gotten a chocolate fish!

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