Almost There

All the scarves received (except mine) have been hung and labeld. If you sent me files or links, you should have heard from me today; if not, please contact me. If you wove the scarf but but haven't gotten around to sending me the info, if you can manage in the next 24 hours, send them in, because I still have room.

I have to figure out why mine isn't uploading, but I'm a little tired and much too excited after handling all your scarves. So I'm turning off the light, locking the door, and going home for the night. The scarves are giddily awaiting the opening in the darkened gallery tonight.

(The poster used the very first entry I received, from La Crumpet of Minnesota.)


Susan B. said...

How can we possibly wait until Friday????? This is SO very exciting. I can't believe you pulled this off! But of course I should!
Waiting anxiously for Friday - wait, your Friday? Now I have to recalculate what that means!

Meg said...

Well, I was almost going to openthe show earlier, except my won't upload!! (Well, I could still open it, but, but, but....)

No wonder you couldn't participate, Susan! Italy? Do tell!!

Anonymous said...

Megs, I can't wait! Have been up to my ears getting ready to go on vacation for two weeks so will have to try to see the show from the road.

My first experience with a weaver was in River Falls, WI -- right across the river from Minneapolis! And in 1975 when my son was a year old. When I laid eyes on my friend, Nancy's looms and her beautiful work, I knew that weaving would one day be my life.

Isn't it magical how technology has allowed us to come together all these miles apart, only to discover that we started in the same place? How very cool is that?!

I'm sure that your friend, knew my friend. Kinda mind blowing.

Weave like an Egyptian,

Meg said...

Jane... Umm..... YEAH!!! (with what's called a rising terminus...) Who knows, I was in high school minding my own business in South Mpls in 75 so even our paths might have crossed, though I didn't get to WI much in those days...

'Tis the network, our web of friendships. And once again, Yay! to technology.

Anonymous said...

1975? I may have been weaving in 1975. Nope, it was the next time I was in DC, so that makes it 77-78. Nice try, though.

I got to try on a home made frame loom and wound up despising the project. My warp was bright yellow and my weft was fuschia acrylic. The selvedges pulled in horridly. It was a disaster. Still, I am grateful to the patient soul who made that loom for me.

Meg said...

Mom went to an art supply shop and had a frame made - just the outside and unpainted stuff - and they she just stuck a piece of graph paper and pounded nails in every 5mm. One gets a bit innovative when one doesn't have a hubby that will help you with things like that.

Mine's handy, so I tend to submit orders to him (as opposed to ordering him around) and he comes up with things so... my bottom gets bigger and fatter...