Good Morning, Everybody

It's been June 9 for about 8 hours here, meaning, if my math is right, for the next 40 hours someone somewhere on earth will be living June 9th. Anyway, it's not a big deal if you are a day or so late, I decided; the more the merrier, so don't worry too much, but I had to tell you I am very excited about our exhibition.

Meanwhile, if you ever get a bit confused about my time/your time because of my confusion, this is where I go.

During the Writers' Retreat this weekend, I made some new friends, among them executive chef Marie of Marlborough Vintner's Hotel, who was writing non-recipe parts of a cookbook, (pure ear-candy, Ben and I put in two separate advance orders promptly; this is a fund-raiser project for the Marlborough Hospice in 2009), and a book binder from near Sydney, Carol, who has the Barnacle Goose Paperworks blog. I also met Deidre, who now lives in Marlborough but grew up in Northern Ireland, and who wrote about a most shocking, moving real life experience I've heard in the 13 years of going to Joan Rosier-Jones's workshops. This story, and more, will be published some time, somewhere, we're all very sure, so I'll keep you posted.

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