My List - First Draft

I am long-winded, and could not condense these any more than I have, because to me the sub-questions are as important as the big ones. Likewise, ambiguous questions sound attractive, more room to think, but perhaps I am the wrong person for it; I've done too much training in quality control by measurable results type of thing. I feel very near-sided in my outlook.

Anyway, here's my First Draft.

Re. individual pieces:

1) Is this the best I could have done? How can I improve on the piece, or the process?

2) Is this art or craft? Is the question pertinent today?

3) What is the smallest change I can make to bring a great improvement?

4) How else could I have interpreted the same original vision/idea onto cloth? Are they worth sampling?

5) What color combination would (someone specific - different from time to time) have tried?

About my practice:

1) Have I showed up at the work, and for how long/how frequently?

2) What else did I do that inspired/informed my work? What colors were these experiences?

3) What are the books I want to work on? The next technique? The direction?

4) What's the next art form I'm curious about? Who's the next artist I want to visit?

5) Today, where do I want to go in a week, six months, ten years?

6) Have I changed my opinion/perspective about an art work or an artist, and if so, why?

7) Whose artwork do I hate the most right now, and why? (Probably the most important question for me, ever since I changed my mind about Rothko. My response most often involves painters, though I almost need a new guy to hate passionately at the moment.)

8) Where do I stand on "art vs craft" today? Compare ideals/desires/directions vs on-the-ground practices. How hot of an issue is this today?

I can tell you do have a motto, though, about my weaving: "This too shall pass". And that's for the good and the bad. I'd like some aspects of life to remain constant, but as regards weaving, thank goodness I can move on.

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