I Couldn't Help It / SSVE Warp

This is plenty embarrassing, but I suppose I should post this one here as well. Just so you don't think I'm on some chemically-induced rage-trip. (I had 1/2 of a 600ml bottle of Coke for the first time in over 18 months some considerable hours after "the incident".)

Anyway, it'll be a enthralling topic to analyze during the next Nancy Time.

* * *

This Mr Patt, (not Pratt, as I mistook in the first instance - and it was unintentional because I did know a Linda Pratt in high school, a junior who started dating one in our group, Jim Hoffman, suspiciously close to our Senior Prom,) was ruining my weekend and sanity, so I couldn't help it, I googled him, and found his profile photo. Not sure how these two web sites differ or are positioned, here and here, but a man with a face like this cannot be a bad guy, I concluded. Unless he's using one of his Good Twin's pics.

He still thinks I got huffy and puffy because he looked into and commented on a private conversation, whereas I say he was missing the spirit in which the letter/my post was written; I wasn't writing a serious treatise (gosh, my spell-checker isn't working!!) about the ethical and professional responsibilities of an e-v-e-n-t organizer. I know I'm not stupid enough to post a genuinely personal letter on Blogger, but of course he doesn't.

Never mind; I offered truce, and I'm sure he won't be back because I'm not including words he likes to search. Case closed.

* * *

Meanwhile, I've been trying to rework my SSVE warp because I can get two or three more from the warp. The cloth came out as I hoped it would, like a more delicate version of a coat fabric, but I'm not sure about its hand/drape, and it weights a ton compared to my normal scarves I choke every time I look at it!! It will undoubtedly soften with use, but I dug into my silk box for skinny silks, and sampled two.

I'm not crazy about either samples after washing and pressing. I'm just wondering it's the 21EPI sett for 11/02 (which I learned is roughly 7/2 in the US?) merino with scales, but I don't want to give up without further investigating, so I'm leaving the sett alone, and looking for other weft candidates.


Anonymous said...

Event organising is one of those things that can really take a toll on your sanity, so I'm definitely open to the idea that even thinking about it can bring on the Mean Reds.

I haven't got into the organisation of textile events yet, but I've done quite a few workshops and study groups in other areas where, fortunately, the feedback is generally constructive. The one thing that really gets to me, though, is when people say "That was great. Next time why don't you do something on this or something like that." Very flattering I'm sure, but why don't you offer to do it next time???

Meg said...

Oh, well put, Cally. Yes, I remember those, too. Perhaps you should have a t-shirt printed with those exact words, because I'd imagine you're much too polite to say it out loud.

But I can't believe how rude some people were to my friend - she's kind of person you just can't help but warm up to. She's so polite and lovely to everybody.