Santa Fe Weaving Gallery

Tapestry weaver Pat, who lives in Nelson, offered to take some of my scarves to Santa Fe Weaving Gallery when she visits there in July. From the looks of their web site, they appear to be a high-end gallery with lots of contemporary/art garments, and not just ordinary rectangles. But they seem to like Asian textiles, particularly Japanese, or is this just what's happening this month?

One of my dream goals from the very beginning has been to have an outlet in the US, so I'm jumping out of my skin with excitement, but I'm also very worried. Have you ever visited the gallery? Do you know what they like? Please help!


  1. It is a lovely place with fabulous people.

    Also look at Julies in NYC, La Jolla in CA, and Bellagio in Ashville, NC.

  2. Wow, wow, wow, easy, dear Lynne! I'm feeling plenty unnerved about this Santa Fe thing (and a good think I have to whip some up in three weeks so I don't have much time to worry about it...) I can't even contemplate anything else just now!! But thanks, if I ever get to the US, these places will be on my list of places to visit and salivate, yeah?

  3. Go girl.
    Santa Fe Weaving Gallery is my all time favourite web site and each Sunday morning I give myself the treat of drooling over the wonderful creations (and dreaming).

  4. Dianne, almost overwhelmingly big dreams, to tell you the truth, but yeah, what have I got to lose, yeah?


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