The Battle of the Brain Halves

Or Half-Brains? Here are the things Left Brain is now insisting, and rightly so:
  • I've seven more days to work on it; that is, ideally, to fringing, washing, pressing and photographing. Of the seven days, I have commitments for three full days!

  • With the time constraints, use some knowledge/material I "know":
  1. 2/20 cotton, between 30-36EPI,
  2. 6 inches on the loom, it's quick to make a warp and I "know" this size.
  3. Make a short warp, not the 8 meter default,
  4. Weave a short scarf - from my waist, around my neck, back to my waist; for once it's good to be the shortest grownup around me!
  5. OK, OK, use the 8-shaft table loom; I'll give this to you, Rightie.
  • Issues to be solved by Right Brain:
  1. I don't have the soft oranges I wanted to use to fill the majority of the cloth, but I do 2/60.
  2. I have more soft blue-greens in 2/20. We I flip the proportion?
  3. This is a design challenge. Just using a color scheme in a photo and reproducing it on the loom is not challenge enough. What's the "pushing myself a little bit further" bit?
  4. If you must include designing on the loom, go ahead, but would you please get off your achy bottom, now?
To which, Rightie is giving the slow, contemplative, full-of-meaning, and slightly puzzling, slightly secretive smile.

Play nice. Both of you.

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